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Using Data to Inform Instruction - Professional Development Training


Participants Examine Best Practices in Using Assessment and Demographic Data to Inform Instruction




PK-12 Administrators & Data Teams


A data-informed system refines curricula and instruction in light of trends in assessment outcomes and encourages staff in their own reflection. Thus, assessment and data-usage leadership includes the creation of greater knowledge and capacity to utilize large-scale assessments, teacher-made assessments, and surveys to determine levels of student learning. In her book The Evidence-Based School, Karen Hume identifies five practices that effective administrators put in place to ensure assessment and demographic data are utilized to inform instruction:

  • Enlisting the support of others by developing a team that will share leadership responsibilities
  • Bringing staff together in a thoughtful examination of the relevant data
  • Having processes in place that will engage teachers in collaborative inquiry
  • Ensuring that the review of data leads to changes in programming and processes
  • Using data to track progress toward achievement goals, with particular attention given to the most vulnerable students

In this session, the OnHand Schools consultants operationalize these broad goals by modeling best practices in using data to inform instruction, beginning with the district’s own data and reports. Workshop participants are selected in advance by district administrators, with an eye toward their assuming ongoing leadership roles and other responsibilities, including report generation and interacting with OHS technical staff to ensure the transmission of accurate data. Next, team members take up the question of which data are relevant in given situations. Participants discuss the distinction between “testing” (measuring student progress for accountability) and “assessing” (measuring student progress to inform next steps) and are encouraged to make data reviews an integral component of strategic planning. OHS consultants demonstrate the generation of EdInsight reports critical for analyzing trends, including the PSSA Longitudinal By Subgroup Report, the Spotlight Report, the PSSA/Course Grade Comparison Report, the Keystone Tracking Report, and the PVAAS Performance Diagnostic Report. Finally, consultants guide participants in developing plans for their peers focusing on using data to inform instruction.

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