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Promoting Teacher Accountability - Professional Development Training


Participants Learn to Use Coaching to Move Teachers Along the Continuum to Proficiency and to Establish Proficiency through Improvement Plans


Leadership & Accountability


PK-12 Administrators


Coaching to Enhance Teacher Proficiency and Continued Growth

Even though principals are practiced in making classroom observations, they may find it difficult to provide useful, relevant, constructive, timely feedback to teachers.

OnHand Schools assists principals in applying Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and in developing strategies for gathering objective evidence necessary for providing feedback and formulating recommendations for improving instruction. Principals learn to clarify their observations and reach consensus with their teachers through an interactive and collaborative question-and-answer process. Coaching includes an introduction to research-based instructional strategies influencing student achievement as exemplified in the scholarship of Robert Marzano and John Hattie.

Coaching to Establish Proficiency through Improvement Plans

Principals are often challenged by a small number of teachers who either will not or cannot teach effectively. Especially difficult is collecting and documenting evidence substantiating the need for an improvement plan and fulfilling the due process requirements of the Pennsylvania Public School Code.

OnHand Schools assists principals in carrying out a protocol ensuring that improvement plans are properly initiated and implemented, that adequate documentation is gathered and maintained, and that principals are fully prepared to assign the Failing rating that may be necessary in a small number of cases.