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PA Core Standards in Mathematics - Professional Development Training


Participants Unpack the PA Mathematics Core Standards in Relationship to the Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content




PK-12 Teachers & Administrators


The PK-12 PA Core Standards in Mathematics lay a foundation in whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals in the elementary grades. Taken together, these elements support a student’s ability to learn and apply more demanding math concepts and procedures. The middle school and high school Standards call on students to practice applying mathematical ways of thinking to real-world issues and challenges, and they prepare students to think and reason mathematically. Additionally, they set a rigorous definition of college and career readiness by demanding that students develop a depth of understanding and the ability to apply mathematics to novel situations, as college students and employees regularly do. Although the Standards are not a curriculum or a prescribed series of activities, school entities use them to develop curricula that meet local needs. Four Standards for Mathematical Content each comprise a subset of areas, all of which are framed around the Standards for Mathematical Practice, which describe the habits of mind required to reach a level of mathematical proficiency:

  • Standard 1: Numbers and Operations
    • Counting and Cardinality
    • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
    • Numbers and Operations — Fractions
    • Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    • The Number System
    • Number and Quantity
  • Standard 2: Algebraic Concepts
    • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    • Expressions & Equations
    • Functions
    • Algebra
  • Standard 3: Geometry
    • Geometry
  • Standard 4: Measurement, Data, and Probability
    • Measurement and Data
    • Statistics and Probability

OnHand Schools helps teachers unpack the PA Core Standards in Mathematics and demonstrates their relationship to the Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content. Teachers analyze the Standards and recognize the one-to-one correspondence between them and student learning outcomes. Teachers engage in hands-on activities that help them implement the Standards in teaching and learning.

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