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Implementing the EdInsight Instructional Management System - Professional Development Training


Participants Gain Proficiency in the Use of the EdInsight System Tools




PK-12 Administrators and Teachers


OnHand Schools offers a continuum of customized professional development based on district needs, whether those needs focus on content, as in the modules described above, or on process, as described below.

Depending on teachers’ familiarity with the suite of data management tools known as EdInsight, OHS offers hands-on training in the use of each of the suite’s components which, taken together, ensures the seamless connection of curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

Assessment Builder allows teachers to build quizzes and other assessment instruments using custom-made questions or questions from the OHS item bank. The module also allows teachers to administer assessments online and receive immediate results for individual students and/or their entire class.

Curriculum Manager is a repository for writing, organizing, and storing curriculum maps, connecting curriculum to the PA Core Standards and/or the National Common Core Standards, all while integrating best practices across units, topics, and lesson plans.

Data Window is a graphical, roles-based data-analysis system that allows teachers and administrators to examine and interpret data in order to make informed instructional decisions based on a comprehensive collection of student data. The Data Analyzer, is an ad-hoc report writer for power users that produces rich data sets at the student level without programming.

Lesson Planner is an easy-to-use tool enabling teachers to quickly build lessons that connect directly to the district’s curriculum as part of an integrated system for ensuring appropriate scope and sequence and standards coverage.

Response to Instruction and Intervention Manager allows RTI teams to manage the flow of information necessary to schedule team meetings, assess students’ needs using customized data sets, assign interventions, track progress, and communicate outcomes to team members.