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Differentiated Supervision - Professional Development Training


Participants Design a Differentiated Supervision Plan to Engage Teachers in Continuing Professional Learning


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PK-12 Teachers & Administrators


OnHand Schools delivers customized consultation and coaching as well as administrator training to districts and schools to connect curriculum and assessment with instruction and to support a Standards Aligned System. The PA Educator Effectiveness System, with its focus on instruction, is an integral part of such a system.

Dr. Allan A. Glatthorn’s Differentiated Supervision helped revolutionize formal evaluation, making teachers active participants. A practical strategy for successfully implementing the Educator Effectiveness System, differentiated supervision has enjoyed a resurgence as the solution for implementing the Educator Effectiveness System with fidelity.

PDE has identified a supervision model consisting of two modes that result in the professional development of educators: Formal Clinical Observation and Differentiated Supervision. Formal Clinical Observation of the teacher’s practice is accomplished through formal and informal observations carried out in accord with research-supported best practices in Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching. Differentiated Supervision recognizes the level of experience, effectiveness, and professionalism of teachers as well as the intensity and time commitment required by formal observation, engaging professional employees in the development of action plans for professional development that accord with their needs and interests.

The primary focus of Differentiated Supervision is to improve teacher performance by providing:

  • Customized, direct help for new teachers
  • The appropriate level of support for experienced, proficient teachers
  • The more intensive support for inexperienced or at-risk teachers who might benefit from more structured supervisory interventions

In this session, participants learn the specifics of planning, developing, and implementing Differentiated Supervision and how to engage teachers in their continuing professional development through:

  • Peer coaching
  • Self-directed action research
  • Formal clinical supervision
  • Team-focused or cooperative professional growth
  • Intensive supervision
  • Portfolio development

Participants also examine ways to make the transition from the current teacher evaluation process to the new Educator Effectiveness System using the PDE Guidelines for Differentiated Supervision. 


  • Review models of Differentiated Supervision that have been successfully implemented in other similar school districts
  • Plan a phased-in process
  • Establish a schedule for implementing the Differentiated Supervision Model
  • Create appropriate rubrics for each mode of supervision