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  • OnHand Schools offers a variety of professional development trainings.
  • We can develop new training to fit the needs of your district or building.

The Performance Insight Institute

The OHS Performance Insight Institute provides professional development and consulting services to help schools respond to the latest changes in the educational landscape. All PII training is developed with a research-based, classroom-validated methodology designed to help progressive educators pursue an ambitious vision for high performing 21st century schools.

The Institute offers capacity building seminars, on-site training, and in-depth consulting services to accelerate the learning curve of your team. We have programs for teachers and administrators that align with your highest priorities:

  • Student Data and Performance Analysis
  • Curriculum/Lesson Plan Enhancements
  • Assessment Processes
  • Targeted Interventions with RTI/MTSS
  • Instructional Practices to Conquer New Standards

Training and Consulting

OnHand Schools offers a complete training and consulting curriculum. The offerings range from the straightforward, How to use the Data Warehouse Software to the multifaceted such as, Principal Onsite Coaching and Classroom Strategies for Math and Reading that involve onsite classroom coaching. Below is a complete catalog list of the offerings.

OnHand Schools (OHS) has a training staff of a over 20 experienced educators. Many came from the University of Pittsburgh’s Partnership for School District Improvement (PSDI) while others formerly worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Education as Distinguished Educators, Assessment Officers and SAS trainers. Their experience and knowledge of best practices can help your district “clear the bar.” 

Professional Development Catalog.

Below is a listing of educational professional development offered through OnHand Schools.  In addition to the list below, OnHand Schools offers customized professional development to meet district needs.

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Assessment Focus:

Curriculum Badge

Curriculum Focus

  • Curriculum Mapping
    Outcome: Participants Develop Curriculum Maps Aligned with State and National Standards

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Instruction Focus

Leadership and Accountability Badge

Leadership & Accountability Focus

  • Educator Effectiveness
    Outcome: Participants Identify and Collect Evidence of their Proficiency within the Context of the Danielson Framework for Teaching
  • Student Learning Objectives
    Outcome: Participants Write Initial Drafts of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) as Part of the Educator Effectiveness Process

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Professional Development for EdInsight

In addition to the professional development topics listed above, OnHand Schools also offers professional development training for EdInsight, our Instructional Management System.  Training is available for all modules:

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