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EdInsight System and User Training

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  • Basic and advanced training is available for all EdInsight subscribers.
  • Training can be customized to meet the specific needs of your district.

The OnHand Schools professional development team provides comprehensive training for all aspects of the EdInsight Student Performance Suite and on a wide variety of K-12 matters. 

Training can be as simple as a short workshop or as complex as in classroom modeling and coaching. OnHand Schools has a experienced team of educators to meet your district’s training and consulting needs.

Training is conducted at the request of each district either on-site at district facilities, off-site at convenient training locations, or via Web-based delivery.

Training Options


EdInsight Online Training
OnHand Schools' detailed training webinars leverage the power of the web. These trainings provide timely access to training resources. School District that use the EdInsight system are able to easily sign up for these trainings, regardless of where they are located throughout the country.

EdInsight On Site Training
Members of OnHand Schools' professional training staff will travel to your academic environment in order to minimize staff time away from the district. We will bring all of the handouts and training materials with us when we visit your school. Contact OnHand Schools to schedule an on site training.

EdInsight Off Site Training
Our training team organizes a training that becomes an escape from the daily distractions of the district for your staff members. Your staff will travel to a location chosen by you or the group, and they will have an opportunity to direct their attention to focused study for the entire day.

EdInsight Training Events
OnHand Schools' detailed training events allow you to take advantage of special training and professional development opportunities throughout the school year. One of our biggest events of the year is the Quality Classroom Consortium which happens four times during the school year.

Who Conducts Training

All training offered by OnHand Schools, both on-site and off-site, is performed by certified instructors who will provide roles-based training for all of the users of your system. These training sessions include-- but are not limited to-- your project team, your teachers, and your building and district administrators.

Custom Curriculum for Your School District

Instruction is focused on the information your staff needs to make the most of the EdInsight Student Performance Suite. Our training and professional development team will deliver training so that your district is able to build your new system into the tool that you need to meet your district's ever changing needs.