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Keystone Tracking System

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The EdInsight Instructional Management System includes a Keystone Exam tracking feature and a series of Keystone Benchmarks. All data is organized based on user permissions. Teachers see results for the students/classes they teach. Principals for their building.

Keystone Tracking System Functionality


The Keystone Tracking system:

  • Identifies students by results, listing who passed or failed the test
  • Identifies students who did not take the test and/or students who need to take the test
  • Tracks students in remediation courses for intervention tracking
  • Analyzes Keystone results by building, class, grade, course, or custom focus group
  • Provides a rich graphical reporting framework with multi-filtering and custom grouping
  • Pinpoints areas of student strength and weakness for remediation purposes with a click
  • Displays module results with details about number of minimum points needed to pass a Keystone standard and/or individual Keystone Module
  • Compares results on multiple choice vs. constructed response
  • Includes three benchmark tests for each: Algebra, Literacy and Biology

Keystone Tracking System - Details

In the EdInsight Keystone Tracking System there are a series of reports that show details about the number of points needed to pass the various Keystone standards and modules.



Keystone Exam Logos for Algebra, Literacy and Biology

Common Assessments

In addition to the software included are three Keystone Common Assessments for each exam: Algebra, Literacy and Biology. Teachers can pinpoint areas that need remediation  through the use of these assessments.  Uncovering the skills that need remediation is done with a click of a link.  Teacher can spend valuable time planning and performing instruction rather than evaluating and uncovering the remediation areas.  

Provide and Analyze Assessments with Ease

EdInsight is designed to make everything easy.  All of the Common Assessments can be taken online or via bubble sheets using the EdInsight assessment tool. The results can be analyzed in real time.  It doesn't get any easier or faster than that.

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