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Third Grade Reading Guarantee

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The Ohio Department of Education reported that 95.8% of eligible third graders met the Third Grade Reading Guarantee promotion minimum during the 2013-2014 school year. The percentage of students who met the requirement increased from 88.2% in the previous year.

Ohio school districts are obviously doing something right. Through great effort nearly 96% of third graders achieved the reading guarantee. But, only a select few know the secret to reducing time spent while increasing achievement

Read on to discover the secret for yourself.

The Components to Third Grade Reading Guarantee Achievement

Successful school districts know the secret to Third Grade Reading Guarantee achievement. Hard work and dedication provide a good start, but every school district in Ohio puts forth those efforts every day. Success occurs when school districts integrate the following:


  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Interventions

Great achievement comes through following and iterating an educational cycle that includes connecting instruction to assessment, curriculum, data analysis and customized interventions.

  1. Start with quality instruction
  2. Base and adjust the instruction on student performance on assessment results
  3. Integrate the curriculum that is carefully aligned to the state standards. Have educator tie their daily objectives to the curriculum.
  4. Aggregate all the data available to you. Analyze the data. Use it to identify the areas where individual students need remediation or acceleration.
  5. Create custom interventions for the students that directly address their needs.
  6. Repeat.

Tie Together Standards, Curriculum and Objectives

Objectives tied directly to curriculum and aligned with standards produce the best results. This top-down approach aligns daily teaching with the overall standards.

Just creating the alignment is not enough. School districts that achieve gains in the Third Grade Reading Guarantee make the curriculum available to ALL stakeholders through a common repository. Teachers create individually tailored student learning experiences directly aligned to standards and curriculum. The information is available to administrators and other staff, allowing the administration to monitor the strategy and teachers to learn from each other.

Let the Data Guide You


School districts collect an abundance of data. Third Grade Reading Guarantee champions aggregate that data into one data warehouse and let the collection of information guide their practices.

All teachers know that the key to winning instruction is “checking for understanding”. Did the students get the concept, and if not what are we going to do? Successful school districts know that valuable information exists in their accumulated data. Sifting out the meaning in the numbers for them is easy and quick. There is no need for the staff to write complex queries if you have the RIGHT tools.

Successful school districts use the data to develop educational plans for specific students. School districts making strong gains on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (along with other lofty goals) make the most of the information that is available to them.

Response to Intervention

Third Grade Reading Guarantee success comes from the early identification of needs of students and the actions taken to correct issues. A robust Response to Intervention (RTI) model delivers amazing results.

Create a RTI intervention log. Enable RTI progress monitoring. Tier students. Track interventions. Connect benchmark data to student results. Coordinate RTI meetings, and seamlessly move the data to the correct users through an Instructional Improvement System. Successful school districts strategically act on the information they uncover through an RTI process.

Integration is the Secret

School districts that deliver results on Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee integrate Instruction, assessment, curriculum, data analysis and RTI. They use aggregated data to create Response to Intervention plans and they execute on them to a T.

Finding the best tool to pull the educational process together can be a challenge. The current Ohio Instructional Improvement System that was developed with the Race To The Top funding underwhelmed. It just didn’t do the job well. There is one tool that delivers on the promise, EdInsight from OnHand Schools.

How to Integrate Your Data, Curriculum and Interventions

OnHand Schools offers an Instructional Improvement System that integrates instruction, assessment, curriculum, data and Response to Intervention (and more) all through one web-based application EdInsight.

EdInsight is a single, integrated system that connects instruction, assessment, and curriculum to the current and changing data to support your RTI process. It is a fully integrated suite of software tools created to support teachers and administrators using data driven instruction to improve student achievement. EdInsight is the ONE tool that pulls together all of the disparate systems and helps you elevate your performance.