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Ohio Instructional Improvement System

Learn how the EdInsight Instructional Management System matches up with the Ohio Instructional Improvement System.

The Ohio Race to the Top funding has ended. Those funds were used to pay for the Thinkgate instructional management system (IMS).  Now that the funding has dried up, each Ohio school district will be responsible for paying for their own IMS. 

Other Cost Effective Instructional Improvement Systems

There are other cost effective choices for Instructional Improvement Systems. Now may be the time to take a look at EdInsight. Do the comparison and you will be surprised at the comprehensive features, ease of use, and overall value of the EdInsight Instructional Improvement System.

"We were impressed with the many features available in the platform, including: SLO potential, Third Grade Reading Guarantee potential, and the many reporting features available. We also like the widgets for quick information access on the home page."

Dan Jeffers | Coordinator of Technology - Fairfield City Schools (an EdInsight convert)

All Data Warehouses are NOT the Same

With EdInsight you only have one place to go for information to make good instructional decisions. No queries, no hunting and gathering, just an easy to use, graphical, point and click environment which makes professional development a breeze. EdInsight contains many forms and reports for Ohio specific programs like SLOs and Third Grade Reading Guarantee. All data is uploaded automatically daily.

Do the Comparison

Using your Instructional Improvement System; How many questions can you answer with a YES?

YESNOAutomatically upload data daily from DASL or any SIS?
YESNOAutomatically upload State Assessments, Third Party Assessments like NWEA, SAT, ACT, DIBELS, AIMSWEB, PLAN, 4SIGHT, and much more?
YESNOAdd an At Risk score to every student as part of a research based academic early warning system?
YESNODisplay data with an easy to use graphical, roles-based data analysis system?
YESNOInclude benchmark tests in math, reading, algebra, biology, and literature aligned to the common core standards?
YESNOHave a Response to Intervention Module that will to automatically or manually tier students based on the data, assign academic or behavioral interventions, and execute RTI progress monitoring plans based on district or other assessments?
YESNOTrack SLOs from development to approval?
YESNOIdentify, organize, monitor, and document students that are part of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee including state reporting?
YESNOAdminister tests either on-line or with paper-pencil bubble sheets?
YESNOCreate, share, schedule and print on-line lesson plans - completely integrated with the curriculum management system?
YESNOProvide access to an item bank of questions and complete integration with existing question banks from your textbooks?
YESNOAllow users to create custom questions and tests?