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4Sight Item Analysis Report

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  • Find patterns of correct and incorrect answers on assessments
  • Immediate access content that was associated with assessment questions
  • Simple to do using OnHand Schools' software, EdInsight.

EdInsight's Benchmark Exam Item Analysis Report

Great teaching combined with EdInsight can make a difference.

The EdInsight Instructional Management System contains a unique report created by OnHand Schools called the Benchmark Item Analysis. This report is extremely useful. It contains all of the questions that were on the most recent benchmark exam taken by your class, as well as the eligible content associated with each question.

How to Use the Item Analysis Report

On the fifth grade PA 4Sight test in reading, there is a question about the main idea of a reading passage which corresponds with eligible content R5.A.2.4.1: "Identify and/or explain stated or implied main ideas and relevant supporting details from the text." Our sample Item Analysis report shows that only 29% of the students in this class answered the question correctly. 

By looking at the Item Analysis Report, teachers can see how each student in their class answered each question. The report enables you to find patterns in the incorrect answers using our easy-to-read, color-coded system. In our sample class, most students missed question number 2, and the most common incorrect choice was 'B.'


Where Can I Find Item Analysis in my EdInsight System?


  1. Choose a school from your district, then choose a teacher from that school. 
  2. Choosing a class from that teacher's schedule will bring you to teacher view in EdInsight. 
  3. Clicking on the assessments tab in the main window will bring you to a dropdown menu of assessments taken by their class. 
  4. Choosing Item Analysis from that list will enable you to view or print (as a PDF) the Item Analysis Report.

Example: Schools > OnHand Schools HS > Barton, B. > Pre Algebra 7 > Assessments > Benchmark Assessment 2008-2009