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Online Lesson Planner - EdInsight Lesson Planning Tool

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  • Align lessons with state standards with the click of the mouse.
  • Build in an automatic work flow if lesson plans need approval.
  • Generate end of the year reports to that will highlight which standards were not covered.

Create Lessons that Inspire Your Students

The EdInsight Lesson Planner comes packed with all the right functionality but is simple to use. Teachers can build imaginative lessons with a computer, mouse and keyboard. It's as simple as point, click and type.

How to Choose an Online Lesson Planner


How do you decide the functionality needed for an online lesson planner? OnHand Schools has a white paper that might help.

Our Choosing an Online Lesson Planner white paper is a critical planning tool when researching Online Lesson Planners.

Contained in the document is a rational for Online Lesson Planners and the key features to look for when comparing the various choices in lesson planners.

Don't choose the wrong tool. Find out what to look for in the white paper.

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Lesson Planning Aligned with State Standards

Whether aligning to state standards or the Common Core, the EdInsight Lesson Planner matches daily lessons and objectives with the material that needs to be taught. Your state’s standards and resources are completely integrated into the system at first use.

An Intuitive Lesson Planning Tool

Creating lesson plans in the Lesson Planning Tool couldn't be easier or more intuitive. Our tool is calendar-based and flexible. Teachers align objectives to state standards using an easy, check-a-box process. Simply click on the check box next the standard, click a button and align the two.

Built-in Automatic Workflow

Do your Principals approve lesson plans? The EdInsight Lesson Planning tool can be set up to automatically route lesson plans to principals for approval. There is no need for paper copies or email attachments. It all exists within the lesson planner.

EdInsight Screenshot of Curriculum Planning Tool

End of Year Reporting

Use the data generated through lesson planning. At the end of the year, a report can be run that produces a curriculum map based on objectives taught, the standards covered, the resources used, and the assessments given.

Revolutionizes the Lesson Planning Process


Easily organized lesson planning utilizing a drag-and-drop interface

Automate the work flow approval process within your district.

Automatically develop a curriculum map based on your lesson plans that is mapped to standards and anchors.

The EdInsight Lesson Planning Tool enables users to run yearly curriculum summary reports

The Lesson Planner Tool

  • Completely integrates with the EdInsight Data Window.
  • Completely integrates with the EdInsight Assessment Builder.
  • Provides easily accessible detailed data about class abilities.
  • Allows teachers to build lessons utilizing differentiated instruction.