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Regain Instructional Minutes with Real-time Progress Monitoring

The EdInsight Assessment Builder Tool is a comprehensive assessment solution that starts with test creation and ends with result analysis. Build your own test from a bank of questions or write your own. Learn how powerful it is to assess your students and have the results available as soon as they are finished.

How To Find Content To Include in Your Own Assessments


One of the most daunting tasks in creating your own assessments is finding content that is appropriate for your tests.

There are a wealth of sources out there, and sometimes we can get lost in the maze of good and bad content.

Discover the secret locations for the best content to use for your own assessments in our white paper, How To Find Content To Include in Your Own Assessments.

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Increase Student Performance

To increase student performance you need the right tool. The EdInsight Assessment Tool provides the set of features needed to realize those gains.

OnHand Schools' EdInsight includes:

  • A comprehensive item bank aligned to state and common core standards.
  • A powerful test creation module to allow you to create custom questions with editing tools like an online equation editor and image editor.
  • A robust reporting engine to help you analyze results by standards, items, questions and tags.

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Eliminate Third Party Assessment

The complete series of comparison reports that measure and compare test results by buildings, grades, classes and teachers are seamlessly integrated into the core EdInsight system and are available at a click of the mouse. Use the EdInsight Assessment Builder to eliminate the need for third party assessments like 4Sight.

A Testing and Assessment Machine

The OnHand Schools EdInsight Assessment tool is a rock solid, commercial quality testing machine. Load tested to enable over 2,000 simultaneous test taking users. Optimize your district’s data driven instruction plan using EdInsight.