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OnHand Schools, Inc. (OHS) is a mission-driven Education Technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA. OHS delivers transformational solutions that personalize and accelerate student learning. We partner with progressive educators to pursue a vision for high performing 21st century schools where all students have the opportunity to reach their full academic potential.

Our goals are to simplify and organize data so schools have a more holistic view of student performance and harness that clarity for new insights that drive curriculum enhancements, differentiated instruction, assessment processes, and intervention strategies.

Teachers Are Key

Even great teachers need help meeting the needs of every student. Each student has a different learning profile and teachers must differentiate their instructional approach for individual students. In order to create a successful differentiation plan, teachers need to understand all of the factors affecting student performance. Seeking that information can lead to a frustrating "perpetual data hunt." With EdInsight, the information is only a couple clicks away. Teachers can spend their time learning more about their students and formulating creative new lesson plans. Add Kandoolu, our new personalized learning tool, and teachers have new ways of acting on the data with an engaging, mobile-friendly app that kids love.

Previously, gaining access to student information was very difficult. Simple pieces of data (student grades, state test scores) were very difficult to obtain. Detailed information about how my students performed on the specific areas of the state assessments required requests to the Guidance Department. Through Edinsight, I have access to my students' performance in a detailed, but easy to use format. This is the information that is beneficial when making instructional decisions.

Sondra Jodkin | 8th Grade Science Teacher

Shaler Area School District