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Curriculum Management Software - EdInsight Curriculum Management System

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  • Manage curriculum design and delivery through all stages of the curriculum lifecycle.
  • Tie curriculum units and objectives to state standards and anchor.
  • Work from anywhere using the online interface.

A Web-based Curriculum Management System

The EdInsight Curriculum Management System is a comprehensive, easy-to-use online tool for managing curriculum design and delivery through all stages of the curriculum lifecycle. Edinsight’s flexible configuration enables a district to follow any curriculum methodology. Configure the tool to use the backward design process or set it up to follow your own curriculum procedures.

Tailored Student Learning Solutions & Targeted Remediation Strategies

The Curriculum Management Tool™ ties curriculum units and objectives to state standards and anchors. By integrating best practices, teachers can instantly supply individually tailored student learning experiences and targeted remediation strategies for each point, standard, or anchor on state assessments. It all happens online and the connections are made instantly.

The Curriculum Manager Consists Of

The Curriculum Manager comes with bonus functionality.  It is more than just a hum-drum curriculum tool (although it does that tremendously.) Browse through the tabs below to see how we do curriculum.

EdInsight Curriculum Manager

EdInsight Curriculum Manager


Use the EdInsight Curriculum Manager to build, share and analyze curriculum.

EdInsight Lesson Planner

EdInsight Lesson Planner Software


Use the EdInsight Lesson Planner to create lessons directly from the curriculum and route them in the approval process.

EdInsight Resource Tracker

EdInsight Resource Tracker System


Access a resource library of best-practices integrated into the curriculum and lesson planner tools.

Curriculum Management Provides

Build a library of resources cataloged to your state's standards that can be used later for interventions in the classroom.

Map your curriculum based on lesson plans.

Build local assessments matched to state standards.

Give your staff access to a library of resources used for remediation or acceleration.

Curriculum Management Resources

Curriculum management software should provide access to valuable resources. EdInsight delivers with an astounding library of curriculum resources, including:

  • Online lesson plans and lesson planning features
  • Exercises and homework assignments
  • Tests, exams and local assessments
  • Curriculum which is correctly mapped to your state's standards.