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Student Data Analysis - EdInsight Data Analyzer

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  • Build reports that are easy to create and understand.
  • Track and compare two or more cohort groups.
  • Spot trends, make predictions then take action.

Performing student data analysis shouldn't cause anxiety or take all day.

The Data Analyzer Tool incorporates all the features of an educational data warehouse within an easy-to-use, point and click environment. Users can build complex custom reports with ease, no query language needed.


Easy to Use, Point and Click

EdInsight Data Analyzer ™ is an advanced Web-based tool for analyzing the data details. The Data Analyzer, included with the EdInsight Data Window, enables the district data coordinators to design complex queries in a simple to use, graphical, point-and-click environment.

Build Reports in a Snap

The rich ad-hoc report writer included in the Data Analyzer is easy to use, yet extremely powerful. Build complex reports and display data in the format of your choice.

Your Education Data Warehouse

Use the EdInsight Data Window and the EdInsight Data Analyzer as your education data warehouse. Using this pair of tools will meet all your data driven instruction needs.

Free Guide to Data Analysis


Our Essential Guide to K-12 Data Analysis white paper explains the various data analysis systems available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Uncover the process your district should follow to determine if you need a system. 

The Essential Guide to K-12 Data Analysis even walks you through the process of selecting a data system and negotiating with the vendor.

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What You Can Do With the Student Data Analyzer

The student data analyzer will make data driven education a snap to perform. Click on the tabs below to see how.


Do In-Depth Analysis


Users of the Data Analyzer are able to easily conduct in-depth data analysis of district data.


Build New Reports


Build visually pleasing reports for both teachers and administrators that are easy to understand.

Look For Trends


Analyze complex data sets within the EdInsight system in order to look for interesting trends in the data.


Provide Tools


Develop complicated data queries in an environment that can be easily understood and is simple to navigate.

Analyze Student Data


The Data Analyzer enables users to:

  • Assemble various cohort groups (static or dynamic).
  • Send cohort groups to various reports after they are built.
  • Track and compare two or more cohort groups longitudinally.
  • Use the system to build reports that are easy to create and understand.
  • Publish reports to users.
  • Snapshot data sets at any point in time and save.
  • Collect historical information by any group including all students instructed by a specific teacher.
  • Spot trends and make predictions.