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PSSA Tip from OnHand Schools

OnHand Schools knows that doing detailed analysis to discover where students need help is just the beginning. The real hard work and heavy lifting is what the teacher does to help students around their deficiency. Teachers are looking for actual resource…

Teaching to Student Personality Types

Teaching to student personality types. Introversion vs. Extraversion. Intuition vs. Sensing. Thinking vs. Feeling. Perceiving vs. Judging:

Fun with the PSSA

Do you want to have fun with the PSSA? Do you think that is impossible? See how the Penn Hills School District has figured out how to make it happen.

Professional Development: A Few Tips You May Not Find in the Literature

By this time, most of us are very aware of the important role that professional development plays in our goal to raise student achievement. Over the years, much has been written as to the make-up of effective professional development. Discover what isn'…

Teacher Back to School Supplies - Shoes, Clothes.... Data?

Just like parents are bombarded with the Back to School student necessities. Teachers are compiling their list of Back to School necessities and DATA analysis skills are on their list.