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Bad Teacher and the Common Core

standardized tests with the above GIF. When testing comes around… persuades an employee at a testing agency to give her a copy of the test. She t /blog/2014/09/bad-teacher-and-common-core

High-Risk School Reform

testing and teacher evaluations. Enter Common Core /blog/2013/12/high-risk-school-reform

Conquering the Keystone Exams

ge your approach to high school standardized testing as well as course work. Changes in the class /blog/2013/07/conquering-keystone-exams

How to Build Your Own Assessment: Focus on PA Keystone Exams

ool districts in Western PA are taking their testing data to higher level. In the example of Eliz /blog/2012/10/how-build-your-own-assessment-focus-pa-keystone-exams

Fun with the PSSA

Do you want to have fun with the PSSA? Do you think that is impossible? See how the Penn Hills School District has figured out how to make it happen.

Abandoned Schools Photos  -  New Way to Measure Schools  -  Write a Rap About the News of 2015 | Ed Buzz 2015-12-4

The Case for Photographing Abandoned Schools | These California Districts are Measuring Schools in a New Way | Student Contest + Lesson Plan | Write a Rap About the News of 2015 | These are the stories that will be discussed on 12/4/2015.

Forecast Student PSSA Results with Over 70% Accuracy

In a 2,000 student study OHS predicted, with greater than 70% accuracy on the 2015 PSSA results. See how it was done.

Books You Should Read  -  Leadership Conflict  -  Tests & Learning | Ed Buzz 2016-3-24

24 Books that will Make You a More Well-Rounded Person | Managing Conflict in School Leadership Teams | Did These 2nd Graders Debunk the Myth that Tests Measure Learning? | These are the stories that will be discussed on 3/24/2016.

State Exam Rap  -  Face of STEAM  -  Meaningful Parent Involvement | Ed Buzz 2016-4-5

Fourth-Grade Teachers Perform Rap Parody to Motivate Students for State Exams | The New Face of STEAM | How To Get Parents Meaningfully Involved In Your School | These are the stories that will be discussed on 4/5/2016.

Inteligence and Imagination  -  Opt Out Movement  -  Close Reading | Ed Buzz 2016-4-12

Rethinking Intelligence: How Does Imagination Measure Up? | The Whitewashing Of The Opt-Out Movement | 3 Tips For Teaching Close Reading | These are the stories that will be discussed on 4/12/2016.
then the education secretary said that testing criticism came primarily from /blog/2016/04/inteligence-and-imagination-nbsp-nbsp-opt-out-movement-nbsp-nbsp-close-reading-ed-buzz-2016-4-12