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National Common Core: Staff Readiness

Help with the Common Core StandardsWith all the changes within the Common Core S…tandards and Pennsylvania Core Standards and parents of the Common Core State Standards are both exciting and daunting. There is a n /blog/2014/02/national-common-core-staff-readiness

High-Risk School Reform

standards it makes sense to elevate standards and gauge teacher competency according to me /blog/2013/12/high-risk-school-reform

Conquering the Keystone Exams

ather than grade. Based on Common Core State Standards noting standards that will be hit in the exams and the percen…to ensure their curriculum is aligned to the standards that will be assessed in the Keystone Exam. /blog/2013/07/conquering-keystone-exams

Part 4: Build Your Own Assessment; Creating Effective Questions

ict a transition road map to the common core standards. In this blog series…best foundation for your assessments was the standards. I then went a little more in /blog/2013/03/part-4-build-your-own-assessment-creating-effective-questions

Part 3: Making Your Own Common Assessments; Start with the Standards

ict a transition road map to the common core standards. We…ents that are aligned to the new Common Core standards. As the Common Core transition gears up /blog/2015/04/part-3-making-your-own-common-assessments-start-standards

Curriculum and Lesson Planning: Outpacing Design via Textbooks

Monitoring, adjusting and distributing an ever evolving curriculum is simply how curriculum is done now. With ever evolving standards, technological changes and the desire to differentiate instruction, curriculum is now expected to be nimble and personal…
n what is offered by the textbook. Academic Standards Evolved Rapidly Another force is pushin… changing academic standards. Textbook publishers work to keep pace with /blog/2012/11/curriculum-lesson-planning-outpacing-design-via-textbooks