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Engaged Parents  -  Ed Camp  -  Every Student Succeeds | Ed Buzz 2015-12-1

How to Get Parents More Engaged in 5 Simple Steps | A Math Teacher’s Day at Ed Camp | How Schools Would Be Judged Under ‘Every Student Succeeds,’ the New No Child Left Behind | These are the stories that will be discussed on 12/1/2015.
Every Student Succeeds here it comes. Every Student Succeeds looks to upsurp NCLB /blog/2015/12/engaged-parents-nbsp-nbsp-ed-camp-nbsp-nbsp-every-student-succeeds-ed-buzz-2015-12-1

Every Student Succeeds Replaces No Child Left Behind

Yesterday, December 9, 2015, the United States Senate voted to replace No Child Left Behind with new educational reform, the Every Student Succeeds Act. Take a look at coverage from multiple sources.
ote to replace No Child Left Behind with the Every Student Succeeds Act. News of the monumental change is ever…ucation Responds to Congressional Passage of Every Student Succeeds Act PA.gov /blog/2015/12/every-student-succeeds-replaces-no-child-left-behind

Unheated Classroom  -  How to Quicktime Video  -  STEAM Supported in ESSA | Ed Buzz 2016-1-6

Despite Frigid Winter Temperatures, Students Are Waking Up To Unheated Classrooms | How Teachers Can Use Quicktime Video Screenshots to Help Students Learn | Legislation Revising NCLB Had Surprising Bipartisan Support | These are the stories t…
om both the House and Senate. The new Every Student Succeeds act contains more than just the revisions to /blog/2016/01/unheated-classroom-nbsp-nbsp-how-quicktime-video-nbsp-nbsp-steam-supported-essa-ed-buzz-2016-1-6