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Kaleidoscope of Data (Part 1)

In the world of data-driven instruction educators are entrenched in a stream of information. To analyze the data we slice student information so many ways that it resembles a kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope of Data (Part 2)

Think of each tiny colored crystals in our Student Data Kaleidoscope as a unique piece of information. Each color could represent a category of data. That means that individual pieces of the same color or shades of the color could represent discrete and …

Kaleidoscope of Data (Part 3)

what data do we use to inform decision-making? How do we define the amount and variety of that data? Discover that and more with this post.

Kaleidoscope of Data (Part 4)

In any decision-making process, information is the key element. It defines the scope of the issue at hand, sculpts perspective and in essence dictates potential action.

Data Driven Instruction - Looking Forward and Predicting

Data Driven Instruction is yesterday’s news or is it. In K-12 we do have a tendency to embrace the latest and coolest.
Data Driven Instruction is yesterday…consultants and authors. The result is that data driven instruction is in danger of being supplanted by the next /blog/2011/08/data-driven-instruction-looking-forward-and-predicting

Teacher Back to School Supplies - Shoes, Clothes.... Data?

Just like parents are bombarded with the Back to School student necessities. Teachers are compiling their list of Back to School necessities and DATA analysis skills are on their list.
Data Driven InstructionData Driven Instruction /blog/2012/08/teacher-back-school-supplies-shoes-clothes-data

Data Informed Instruction from a 360 Degree Perspective

In the K-12 data analysis world we look at student performance. All data analysis is based on a lens that looks at the student performance data. There is nothing wrong with that and if I had to design a data analysis system it would start with the stude…
12 data analysis often called data driven instruction. I believe we should wheel our data bet. Be /blog/2012/08/data-informed-instruction-360-degree-perspective

9 Interventions That Improve Student Test Scores

Spring testing and state exams will be upon us in no-time. In order to deliver results, educators need to intervene now. Take a look at 9 interventions that will improve student test scores.

Last Day Memories  -  Video Lessons  -  Tech Trends in Ed | Ed Buzz 2016-6-30

First-Grade Teacher Lets Students Draw On Her Dress For Last Day Of School | A New Challenge For My Classroom: Creating Interactive Video Lessons | ISTE 2016: 5 Tech Trends Reshaping Education | These are the stories that will be discussed on 6/…