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Assessment or Project Based Learning? ... BOTH!

I sit at my desk and reflect on the types of assessments I had in school growing up… assessments. Those type of assessmentshose were probably the most helpful types of assessments. Sure I can memorize like the best of them /blog/2013/12/assessment-or-project-based-learning-both

Common Assessments: Is Reading Obsolete? Is Reading a Luxury?

first of three Keystone Literature Benchmark assessments. It is a difficult test and if you are not /blog/2013/04/common-assessments-reading-obsolete-reading-luxury

How to Build Your Own Assessment: Focus on PA Keystone Exams

ion centered on the issue of creating common assessments in preparation for the Keystone Exams. Speak…dback in the comments section below. Common Assessments and the OnHand Schools Team Skilled in both /blog/2012/10/how-build-your-own-assessment-focus-pa-keystone-exams

PSSA Tip from OnHand Schools

OnHand Schools knows that doing detailed analysis to discover where students need help is just the beginning. The real hard work and heavy lifting is what the teacher does to help students around their deficiency. Teachers are looking for actual resource…

Common Assessments, Why Care Enough to Fight Through the Jargon!

Wow the jargon in K-12 is impressive. Current terminology in the assessment realm is deep and varied. How many teachers or administrators can define each of these types of assessments below? I couldn’t.
a little research and I found these types of assessments. The list assessment of terminology would be…nistrators can define each of these types of assessments below /blog/2012/09/common-assessments-why-care-enough-fight-through-jargon

We Sweat the Small Stuff…So You Can Focus on Data Driven Instruction

Staff Spotlight. Toby Basalla is Director of Technology for OnHand Schools (OHS). In addition to overseeing software development for the company, he also employs the 30,000-foot view on its work as one its co-founders.
e excited about the rollout of our new Local Assessments Builder tool. It allows teachers to build y /blog/2012/10/we-sweat-small-stuffso-you-can-focus-data-driven-instruction

State Takeover  -  Maker Assessment  -  VR in the Classroom | Ed Buzz 2016-2-12

Could a State Takeover Help Chicago's Struggling Public Schools? | Middle School Maker Journey: Assessment in an Ungraded Classroom | Virtual Reality Learns How to Get Into the Classroom | These are the stories that will be discussed on 2/12/201…
le school makerspace. How do perform assessments in ungraded classrooms…ne teacher uses the maker culture to perform assessments. These strategies work well in graded classr /blog/2016/02/state-takeover-nbsp-nbsp-maker-assessment-nbsp-nbsp-vr-classroom-ed-buzz-2016-2-12