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Tackling Text Dependent Analysis in Action at Deer Lakes High School

Nov 03, 2016


Dr. Steve Biancaniello, Director of Professional Learning with the OHS Performance Insight Institute, traveled to Deer Lakes High School today to host an all-day professional learning session on Text Dependent Analysis (TDA). The training was at max capacity with over forty educators from southwestern Pennsylvania in attendance, along with OHS President Chris Sweeney.

TDA has become a hot education issue with the rise of Common Core standards and the subsequent demand for increased instructional rigor in the classroom. TDA and Text Dependent Questions call for a new way of teaching and learning with Reading/ELA. These processes ask questions that force students to synthesize answers based on specific evidence within a reading passage and demonstrate their ability to interpret the meaning behind that evidence.

For many educators, tackling TDA can be a daunting and overwhelming task. That's where this session comes in. Over the course of the day, Steve engaged participants in research-based instructional strategies that focus on the infrastructure of Reading instruction and on establishing scaffolds for comprehension and analysis of text. By the end of the day, participants left with practical skills and strategies applicable across grade levels. Educators learned how best to produce opportunities for students to engage in learning experiences that increase competence and confidence in their own ability to comprehend and analyze text.

Thanks to all of the wonderful attendees for making this session meaningful. Your participation and willingness to collaborate is greatly appreciated, while your absolute dedication to your students and investment in their learning is incredibly, powerfully evident. Thank you for spending your Tuesday with us today, and for all that you do in the classroom every day.

To learn more about TDA, check out our Text Dependent Analysis page with additional information and resources. Interested in attending a training? Stay tuned to our events page to check out upcoming sessions or request info to chat about scheduling something in your area.


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