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Close Homework Gap  -  Good at Math  -  Learning is Irregular | Ed Buzz 2016-7-07

Jul 07, 2016

Districts Work to Close the Homework Gap
School districts are sending home mobile hotspots and outfitting buses with Wi-Fi.

Many school districts offer wireless connectivity to students within their physical bounds. What do districts do when students don't have an Internet connection at home? See how some school districts facing this challenge have come up with clever solutions to this issue.

The Truth About People Who Are Good at Math
Are you a “math person” or do you avoid calculators like the plague? Research reveals the truth about math skills and may explain why women are underrepresented in STEM fields.

Is it true that you are either good or bad at math? Studies are uncovering how those self-imposed designations happen and how to stop them. The results could lead to all students feeling and achieving more in math.

Goodbye, Linear Factory Model of Schooling: Why Learning is Irregular

Outside of school, most people apply learning across disciplines, scenarios, and experiences. For a majority of our lives as students, we are taught in a system that creates blocks of time for learning specific content, much like the factory model of production. However, learning should be life and there is nothing linear about life.

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