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Tech in Gym Class  -  Chronically Absent  -  PBL Remodeling | Ed Buzz 2016-6-14

Jun 14, 2016

Let’s Get Digitally Physical: Technology in Gym Class
Gym class clearly plays an integral role in student fitness and education, but how do educators keep P.E. engaging? Here are some tech tools that can help.

When I think gym class, I don't often think about technology. This article shows multiple ways in which P.E. teachers are using technology to help improve physical education.

More Than 6 Million U.S. Students Are Chronically Absent
Thirteen percent of all students and nearly 20 percent of high school students are missing more than 15 days of school a year, according to the latest numbers from the Obama Administration.

Students can't learn when they are not in class. Nearly 20% of high school student miss more than 15 days of school per year. How is your school doing in terms of chronic absenteeism?

Summer is Prime Time for PBL Remodeling
PBL designers and facilitators: Here are two exciting resources to inspire you as you tackle project remodeling this summer.

After the student experience is a wrap, invest time to reflect on your own learning as a PBL designer and facilitator. What were the bright spots of the project? What seemed hardest for them? Were they engaged all the way through? This article helps you work through the reflection and improve on your PBL for next year.

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