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Jun 07, 2016

Reflecting on the Year's Accomplishments
"Before your school community scatters for the summer, reflect on your teaching year through student feedback (face-to-face or anonymous), self-evaluation, parent feedback, and your PLN.

It's that time of year. Summer break is nearly upon us, and the last thing you want to do is to think more about work. But, here are a few ways to gain perspective on the year by reflecting on the last 10 months.

Consider Performance Bonuses for Teachers, Fraser Institute Report Says
Study probes 10 examples of incentive-pay programs for teachers, notes co-operation of teachers is essential to success.

Canadians are contemplating bonuses for teachers. A new study out of the Fraser Institute contends that financial bonuses and other incentives for teachers should be based on student achievement. Discover what the policy-makers say is absolutely necessary to make bonus-pay work.

How A Strengths-Based Approach to Math Redefines Who Is ‘Smart’
Math teachers in San Francisco are using Complex Instruction to see the brilliance in all their students and help them to see it too.

See how a non-traditional math class affected students and made them feel that they were cared for and successful. Even better, the pedagogy that is used is not specific to math. All teachers can implement the process. Discover if this could work for you in the fall.

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