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New Equity Rule  -  Using Failure to Drive Success  -  Personalizing for Teacher Needs | Ed Buzz 2016-6-02

Jun 02, 2016

Why the Education Department’s New Equity Rule Might Not Be So Equal
Teachers and the Obama administration are divided over what the federal government's role should be in telling districts how to fund their schools.

With the passage of the new federal education law last year, much of the focus was on ESSA. Educators may have missed a change in reporting that could change how districts fund their schools. In play is Title 1 money and the equitable distribution of the rest of a school district's funds.

Controlled Failure: Helping Kids Navigate Back to Success
University Park Campus School encourages students to take risks and, if they fail, helps them take responsibility for their own learning and success.

Controlled failure represents a continuum of success. University Park Campus School (UPCS) in Worcester, Massachusetts allows students to take risks, whether it's a dual enrollment class that they may not be ready for, an AP class that they may fail, or a college-like schedule for seniors -- complete with free time that they might waste.

Personalizing for Teacher Needs

Educators need different levels of support and opportunity at different phases of their career. This article shows how to be more responsive to beginning, middle-of-the-road, and veteran teachers. How do you feel about personalizing teaching as a profession?

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