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Entrepreneurial Thinking  -  K–12 Maker Initiative  -  Improving Homework | Ed Buzz 2016-6-21

Jun 21, 2016

Can You Teach Students to Think More Like Entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurship skills are more important than ever for preparing 21st century leaders. Here's how to foster them.

When many people think entrepreneurial skills, they only think about building a business. But there are also a host of skills that successful business leaders use every day that can help students no matter what path they choose. Take a look.

K–12 Maker Initiative Captures the Spotlight at the National Maker Faire
Between hands-on workshops, faire attendees learned how one Virginia school district brought makerspaces to all 26 of its schools.

Schools throughout the country are getting involved in the Maker Movement. Take a look at how one Virginia school district is bringing the Maker Movement to students.

Thinking About Improving Homework

I know. It's summer break. But, now is a great time to start considering how to make next year even better. In this article see how one teacher adjusted the homework she gave and the results that came from it.

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