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College Ready  -  Re-segregation  -  Special-Needs Students to Workforce | Ed Buzz 2016-6-16

Jun 16, 2016

6 Strategies to Make Your Students College Ready
Trinidad Garza Early College High School uses six key instructional strategies to prepare students for higher education.

How can you best prepare your students for college? The Trinidad Garza Early College High School uses the six strategies from the Common Instructional Framework. How many do you use to get your students college ready?

Millennials Have Lived Through a Doubling of School Segregation
The old methods of encouraging integration in our public education are failing.

The racial disparities surfacing in school data have been dialing back history. Since 2001, according to a report by Government Accountability Office (GAO), the number of poor, racially segregated schools (those with more than three-fourths of one race and high poverty rates) jumped from 9 percent to 16 percent. What do we need to do differently in order to keep school desegregated?

How to Transition Special-Needs Students Into the Workforce
What’s the best way to prepare special-needs students for the workforce?

Although the law known as the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, has long required schools to help students design “transition plans” and provide job training for their lives after graduation, a majority of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities are unemployed or underemployed. Take a look at this article that discusses how to best transition students with special needs into the workforce.

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