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Can't Afford Summer  -  Project-based Learning  -  Not That Teacher Anymore | Ed Buzz 2016-6-09

Jun 09, 2016

The Families That Can’t Afford Summer
The depressing reality of a season we mistakenly refer to as vacation.

What are your kids up to this summer? Sounds like a casual question. But for working parents at this time of year, it’s loaded. Discover how summer break affects working parents and how to deal with it.

Evaluating Project-Based Learning
Because PBL is about more than learning content, PBL teachers should investigate and experiment with multi-model strategies for assessing their students' learning skills.

Assessing Project-Based Learning offers challenges. Traditional methods of evaluation, which have many flaws on their own, are not well-suited for interdisciplinary, multi-modal learning. Teachers need ideas for encouraging students, providing meaningful feedback, and setting students up for success.

Not That Teacher Anymore

How old are the oldest materials you have? Do you still have overhead projector slides or worksheets? See how one teacher realized that what she does on the job has changed (for the better).

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