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May 17, 2016

Elementary Teachers’ Weak Math Skills Spark Mandatory Crash Courses

Amid falling student scores, faculties of education are tackling a “huge problem” among Ontario elementary teachers who don’t “get” basic math. What are your thoughts on teachers being evaluated for skill retention over the years and even possibly need to become re-certified every so many years?

Is the Nation’s Math Instruction in Crisis?
"Parents and experts express frustration about changing curriculums and whether to push students into algebra early.

When is it too early to have students take Algebra? Many say 8th grade is a good time, but the Common Core advises against letting students take Algebra a year early. In some districts students may be able to take Algebra as early as the 7th grade. Math teachers, what is your opinion on the when Algebra should be taken?

7 Tricks to Help You Understand Your Students Better and Become the Best Teacher for Them
We know that all knowledge and credentials are significant but still not enough to have. Here are 7 steps to being the best teacher for all of your students.

Teachers know that every student has their personal learning style, and that is why it’s impossible to become perfect for them all, implementing your teaching style in a classroom. But when your teaching and their learning styles fit, you will become your students’ best teacher ever. Here are 7 tips to help you become the best teacher for them.

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