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Education Reform  -  Predicting Teacher Success  -  Like Legos for Coding | Ed Buzz 2016-5-26

May 26, 2016

What’s Missing From The Conversation About Education Reform? Student Voices.
Education reform rarely makes an effort to engage students in the process.

Much of the conversation around the school system focuses on what adults believe students need without any consideration of how students are affected by these policy changes. Should they have a voice in these conversations or a they too young to really understand? Listening to the student perspective is happening in some places, read about where and how.

This Company Says It Can Predict Teacher Success
This company says it can predict whether a teacher will be any good — before entering a classroom. And it's poised to expand, perhaps to a school district near you.

Can anyone tell if a candidate will turn out to be a good teacher before they ever set forth in a classroom. One company thinks they can, and school districts are trying it out. What do you think? Can a company led by an educator tell whether or not someone will become a good teacher?

Osmo's Blocks are Like Lego for Coding
There's a growing sense among educators and parents that learning to code is a valuable life skill.

Learning to code is skill that has been discussed regularly over the past few years. A company called Osmo offers a product where an iPad game and magnetic pieces are designed to teach kids how to program. It is an interesting ideas on how to get young students to understand the concepts behind coding. Take a look.

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