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Digital Badges  -  Inclusivity  -  Schools Resegregating | Ed Buzz 2016-5-19

May 19, 2016

So You Want to Drive Instruction With Digital Badges? Start With the Teachers
You can’t have a conversation about the future of public education these days without some mention of digital learning. And when you talk about digital learning, the discussion often turns to badging.

A recent study in the Houston Independent School District discovered that in the short run the best approach to scaling digital badging is not to focus on students, but on their teachers. See how encouraging teachers to pursue digital badges delivered better instructional results.

Why the Language We Use About Learning Determines Inclusivity
The practice of deeper learning can draw suspicion from parents who aren't familiar with how it works.

The educational terminology, such as project-based learning, expeditions and makerspace, doesn’t always connect with low-income families trying to choose the best education path for their children. See what one educator suggests that we do in order to get buy-in from parents on educational opportunities that may hide behind not easily understood terminology.

On the Anniversary of Brown v. Board, New Evidence that US Schools are Resegregating
Poor, black and Hispanic children are becoming increasingly isolated from their white, affluent peers in the nation’s public schools, according to new federal data showing that the number of high-poverty schools serving primarily black and brown students more than doubled between 2001 and 2014.

62 years ago the courts made the ruling on Brown vs. The Board of Education law. Today schools are becoming increasingly more segregated. What does this mean for education and what, if anything, will be done about it?

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