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Academic Grit  -  Challenging a Low Evaluation  -  Small Data | Ed Buzz 2016-5-12

May 12, 2016

Putting Grit in Its Place
An education system that was truly aligned with kids’ potential would focus less on G.P.A.s and more on innate aspiration.

Are academic grit and GPAs keeping us from encouraging students to become best prepared for post high school life? Instead, employers are looking for creative, independent thinking and risk-taking. Take a look at what David Brooks' of the NY Times thinks we ought to emphasize when we talk about grit.

Master Teacher Challenge her Low Evaluation in Court

A master teacher went to court to challenge her low evaluation and won. Discover what it means for educators everywhere.

Big Data Didn't Fix Education. It’s Time For Small Data.
It is becoming evident that big data alone won't be able to fix education systems. Decision-makers need to gain a better understanding of what good teaching is and how it leads to better learning in schools.

After a decade and a half of No Child Left Behind, we should all understand that Big Data won't solve educational issues. This article talks about how Small Data may actually be the solution we need. Discover what Small Data is and how it can help improve education for students everywhere.

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