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State Exam Rap  -  Face of STEAM  -  Meaningful Parent Involvement | Ed Buzz 2016-4-5

Apr 05, 2016

Fourth-Grade Teachers Perform Rap Parody to Motivate Students for State Exams
Fourth-grade teachers from an elementary school in Alabama got together to motivate students for state exams in a rap parody video.

It's April. We all have the state exams to look forward to taking/giving over the next few weeks. To provide extra motivation for their students, these fourth grade teachers created a rap video. Check it out.

The New Face of STEAM
Through culturally relevant narratives, choice, autonomy, and time for collaboration, one award-winning school is modeling a pathway into STEAM for underrepresented minority groups.

According to the National Science Foundation (PDF) and the National Academies, women and certain ethnic groups -- blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians -- are considered underrepresented in STEM. See how some schools are modifying their curriculum for STEAM in order to entice more minority groups to pursue technology related disciplines.

How To Get Parents Meaningfully Involved In Your School

Getting parents truly involved in schools can be difficult. The results from achieving the involvement are great though. Here are 6 ways to better get parents meaningfully involved in your building.

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