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Inteligence and Imagination  -  Opt Out Movement  -  Close Reading | Ed Buzz 2016-4-12

Apr 12, 2016

Rethinking Intelligence: How Does Imagination Measure Up?
Neuroscientists and psychologists are trying to develop a new way of thinking about intelligence.

How should we measure intelligence? Many schools still look at IQ as the single measure of intelligence and cognitive ability, but many students show intelligence in other ways. Here is one person's story on driving change.

The Whitewashing Of The Opt-Out Movement
The opt-out movement's activists of color say they;re tired of being ignored.

Is the Opt-Out Movement a suburban, white person thing? Arne Duncan, then the education secretary said that testing criticism came primarily from "white suburban moms” who are realizing their kid “isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were." Is it true? Are there faces of color in the Opt-Out Movement and why don't we hear more about/from them? Read to find out more.

3 Tips For Teaching Close Reading

Dave Henderson, author of That's Special: A Survical Guide to Teaching, provides 3 tips for getting started with close reading. Along with the tips, read a story of how one student provided an interesting interpretation during a close reading activity.


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