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Apr 26, 2016

13 Ways To Help Students Do What They Say They’re Going To Do

Student follow through is an epic challenge for teachers. It starts with the frustration when students don’t respond- or half-heartedly respond to feedback. Here are 13 ways to better improve the chances that students will get that project completed and in to you on time. By the way, many of these would work for adults too.

Can More Money Fix America's Schools?
It's one of the loudest debates in education: whether spending more money adds up to better test scores and graduation rates.

What difference can a dollar (or millions of them) make in our schools? Some say that providing more funding to schools in need can help bring about better education. Some say that enough money is available, the way that it is spent makes the difference. Evidence exists to support both sides of the argument. Take a look at these instances.

Online Learning: Why Libraries Could Be the Key to MOOCs’ Success
In order to help learners make the most of MOOCs, librarians at Chicago Public Library partnered with Peer 2 Peer University to make online learning social.

For all the promises of online courses disrupting education, completion rates are notoriously low. Online courses can be a helpful tool for self-sufficient, highly motivated learners with reliable computers and internet at home, but others may need a little more support. For those who haven’t found success using free online courses, Learning Circles might be an answer.

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