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Counting on Fingers  -  First Year of Teaching  -  Revolutionize Teaching | Ed Buzz 2016-4-14

Apr 14, 2016

Why Kids Should Keep Using Theirs Fingers to do Math
As they get older, kids are often discouraged from using their fingers to do math. However, research is showing that doing math with fingers helps.

Nearly all kids learn to count using their fingers. As the get older we discourage them from using their fingers for counting. Are we going about this the wrong way? See why we should encourage students to do math while counting on their fingers.

Why is the First Year of Teaching So Hard
The first year of teaching can feel like a fraternity hazing. Does it have to be that way?

Teachers elect to leave the classroom behind for different careers at an alarming rate. Many teachers and former teachers point toward their first year of teaching as a do-or-die experience. How can we make the first year of teaching a more successful experience that leads to teacher retention?

A Nobel Laureate's Education Plea: Revolutionize Teaching
Stanford physicist Carl Wieman is on a quest to bury the big lecture in favor of evidence-based techniques. But it's not clear higher education is listening.

Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the college lecture is the educational equivalent of bloodletting, one long overdue for revision. And, if lectures are not the way to go in college, they probably are not effective in primary and secondary schools. See what teaching methods Carl Wieman suggests colleges employ, and make use of them at the educational level you teach.

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