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Competency-Based Education  -  Micro-credentials  -  Testing Not the Problem | Ed Buzz 2016-4-19

Apr 19, 2016

New Push Toward Competency-Based Education
Freed from the confines of the credit hour, nontraditional students will race toward a degree in record time, and at just a fraction of the cost.

This article looks at competency-based education in colleges and universities. But, if colleges move in that direction, competency-based education is much more likely to become acceptable (expected?) at the primary and secondary school level. Take a look at what might change.

What Are Micro-credentials?
Micro-credentials offer students and working professionals alike a way to bulk up their resumes with field-specific skills.

Did you have a minor in college? Micro-credentials are kind of like a college minor. They allow you to learn a new skill and provide a way to show the world that you actually know the material, not just a certificate of attendance. See how you might begin to delve into new topics that could enhance your career.

Maybe Testing Isn’t The Problem After All

One fifth grade teacher puts forth the idea that maybe testing isn't the problem. Her (controversial?) point is that we have to measure the effectiveness of education. You might not like what this teacher has to say, but how would you answer the questions she poses?

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