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Motivating Students  -  Good Teachers  -  Science Fairs | Ed Buzz 2016-3-3

Mar 03, 2016

20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners
Understanding what a child's brain needs is central to instruction.

Motivating and engaging students can be the toughest job a teacher has. Without getting their attention, getting a student to learn is nearly impossible. Here are 20 great ways to get students engaged.

Can you spot a good teacher from their characteristics?
Professor Rob Klassen explores the latest research into what traits effective teachers have and how this could inform recruitment

What makes for a good teacher? Do all good teachers display certain characteristics? Take a look at the results from a study that gets to the heart of these questions.

Science Fairs Have Their Way. Let's Make Them Cool Again
If you have ever judged a science fair, you can easily see that there are some problems. How can we fix this? Here are some ideas.

At one time science fairs were like American Idol. The best talent was discovered in students across the country. Those days are gone, but here are some ways to bring back the excitement to science fairs.

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