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Money for Markerspaces  -  AI and Education  -  Maker Tools | Ed Buzz 2016-3-17

Mar 17, 2016

Dept. of Ed Launches Makerspace Design Challenge with $200,000 in Prizes
White House competition is challenging schools on makerspace design.

Anyone out there interested in part of $200,000 to build a makerspace in their school? The Department of Education is launching as contest that looks for schools to build makerspaces. Take a look.

What Artificial Intelligence Could Mean For Education
Recent advances — such as the victory over a human Go champion — raise important questions about AI's potential role in teaching and learning.

Can AI help in education? Perhaps software that provides feedback in an instant about students' progress, their knowledge state and even their state of mind — eliminating the need to stop and give a standardized test. Look for AI to become a game-changer in personalized education.

8 Maker Tools to Inspire Next-gen Innovation and Design

Are you thinking about entering the $200k Makerspace Design Challenge mentioned earlier today? Here are 8 tools to consider putting on your wish for a great makerspace.

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