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Invisible Learning  -  Using Snapchat  -  More With Less | Ed Buzz 2016-3-22

Mar 22, 2016

Invisible Learning
SmartBlog on Education this month is exploring assessments and testing. Join us for original content in which experts explore the trends and highlight best practices.

A 35 year educator mentors a Kindergarten teacher, but discovers that they both are missing the learning going on in the classroom. This interesting article reminded me that educating is more than formal teaching.

High Schools Experiment With Snapchat to Reach Teens
High school educators are using Snapchat to communicate school news and announcements to teens.

Some high schools are reaching out to teens in a medium that the teens like to use, Snapchat. The app is being used by teachers and school librarians to showcase things happening in the schools. Students have been receptive. Take a look at the article and learn more.

Doing More With Less: Start Small and Collaborate
Shift your school's culture with small, steady changes. Collaborate easily with the right digital tools. These are just two strategies for doing more with less.

Big changes take time and effort. This article looks at small, easy to adapt ways to deliver immediate change in schools. Take a look at this article and find both specific ways to change and new mindsets that help you see the opportunities for change.

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