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Apr 04, 2016

24 Books that will Make You a More Well-Rounded Person
Do you aspire to be one of those people who knows at least a little bit about a lot of things? Add these to your reading list.

English and Literature teachers, here are a list of 24 box that we should all read. I consider myself a reader, but I have only read 4 of these. I only read some of those because they were school assignments. Maybe I need to branch out from my standard genres. How many have you read?

Managing Conflict in School Leadership Teams

There's healthy and unhealthy conflict. Most of us are familiar with the unhealthy kind, but what does healthy conflict look and sound like? Check out these suggestions for school teams in addressing conflict.

Did These 2nd Graders Debunk the Myth that Tests Measure Learning?
Even 2nd graders know that tests don't decide how smart you are. Tests decide how you did that day.

State tests are coming up soon. This article shows how one teacher helped second graders learn that tests can't measure how well they do. This exercise may help you lower the levels of stress in your students. It's worth the read.

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