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Youngstown Schools Take Over  -  Tech Changing Education  -  Coding | Ed Buzz 2016-2-2

Feb 02, 2016

How Ohio Gov. John Kasich Took Over the Schools in Youngstown
Handpicked business leaders met with state officials in secret for 10 months to craft a takeover law.

A governor moves in and takes control of a struggling school district. Some see it as a conspiracy while others support the move. What do you think?

Eight Technologies that are Changing Education

From real-time tracking systems that enable parents to follow their children’s progress in school to plagiarism alerts in universities, 8 important technologies that are changing education. By the way, OHS offers three of these services within our technology platforms.

The Reality of Coding Classes
President Obama wants to prepare the next generation for the workforce by spreading computer-science education to more students of all ages.

Programing for all? President Obama will ask Congress to fund a new $4 billion program for states and another $100 million for districts to train teachers and purchase the tools “so that our elementary, middle, and high schools can provide opportunities to learn computer science for all students." What do you think?

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