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Feb 03, 2016

What Happens When Students Use Technology Better Than Teachers?

My kids are better at some technology than I am. There, I said it. So what do teachers do when they try to teach kids about technology, but the students have a greater knowledge base? Here's some suggestions.

Eight of the Most Ridiculous Things Parents have said to Teachers
Teachers are among some of the most trusted professionals in the world but also - in the UK at least - some of the most likely to throw in the towel and leave their job. This contradiction may have something to do with the slightly less-than-trusting attitude of some parents towards the educators of their children - particularly when they themselves are at risk of looking bad.

One parent told a teacher to 'tell my child you love her once a day.' Every teacher has heard some kind of ridiculous comment from parents at one time or another. Take a look at some really good ones that were compiled.

Mid-Year Reflection: Setting PD Goals
Halfway through the school year, pause to reflect, review your accomplishments, make an action plan going forward, and determine how you'll hold yourself accountable for these goals.

The first semester just finished at most schools. Are you making solid progress on the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year. This article provides some helpful tips to get your goals accomplished.

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