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School Integration  -  Mastery Learning  -  PARCC Replacement | Ed Buzz 2016-2-10

Feb 10, 2016

School Integration’s Comeback
President Obama's budget includes a new $120 million grant to support school integration.

In the 1970s integrating schools by race was controversial, but improved opportunities for students. President Obama now looks to integrate schools by income. His budget includes a new $120 million grant program to get it done.

Are Teachers Wrong About Mastery Learning?
I'm often asked what mastery learning is or looks like. So, I asked teachers, and here's what they said.

What really is mastery learning, and is that what we really want from our students? Take a look at this article and listen to the accompanying podcast to get a better handle on mastery learning.

Why the SAT and ACT May Replace PARCC and Smarter Balanced

A new version of the SAT test will debut in March. State officials also hope that the test can do double duty and assess students’ competencies on Common Core and state academic standards. What are you thoughts on that?

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