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School as Business  -  Calling on Students  -  Opening New Schools | Ed Buzz 2016-2-5

Feb 05, 2016

Should You Treat Your School Like a Business?
As parents have more choices regarding where their children go to school, some districts are viewing students and parents as customers.

Some educators have been reluctant to think of their school as a business. But, as more competition arises from charter schools and other education institutions schools must think more entreprenuerial. Here are some tips to do so.

Your Hand’s Not Raised? Too Bad: I’m Calling on You Anyway
Should teachers call on students who haven’t indicated they want to talk and, in fact, have tacitly indicated they don’t want to talk?

As a teacher, do you call on students who don't raise their hands? Is that action disrespectful? The following article examines the topic.

Tomb Raider Creator to Open Two Free Schools with Digital Focus
Games magnate Ian Livingstone’s schools in London and Bournemouth will teach latest in technology and creative thinking

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