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Presidents Day  -  Twitter for Teachers  -  STEM Education | Ed Buzz 2016-2-8

Feb 08, 2016

22 Important Dates and Other Things You Might Not Know About Presidents Day
Presidents Day is more than just a day of remembrance. Here's what you might not know.

If you teach (or just love) history, take a look at this infographic timeline related to Presidents Washington and Lincoln. You will love it (and likely learn something).

What To Do On Twitter: 50 Ideas For Teachers

Do you use Twitter? If your like me, you know it must be beneficial but can't find a way to use Twitter. Here are 50 ideas, some realistic, some just funny. Number 33 made me laugh out loud (that LOL for you Twitter literate folks).

Project-based STEM Curriculum That’s Big on Real-world Rigor
A STEM curriculum introduces students to real-world engineering

First graders design a shoe for a traveler going to an extreme climate. Second graders investigate numerical relationships and sequence and structure required in computer programs. This is what STEM is meant to be, and this district makes the time to do it right.

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