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Leadership for All  -  Math Bias Towards Girls  -  Teachers Embrace Tech | Ed Buzz 2016-2-25

Feb 25, 2016

How Leadership Training for All School Staff Helps Students Excel
A school district in Tennessee went from middle of the pack to top 15 in the state by focusing on effective leadership at all levels of the district.

Providing all school staff with leadership training helped improved students' scores and drove cultural and work change within this Tennessee school. Could the same process work for your school?

Math Teachers are Biased Towards Girls, Study Reveals

Math teachers are biased towards girls. The teachers have higher expectations for girls. The result is more rigorous scoring. One study says this is why girls don't score as well as boys in math. Thoughts?

Why Educators Must Embrace Technology in Schools
Technology’s effectiveness in engaging students relies upon teachers implementing it in an intelligent, ethical and practical way

Is technology a feature in the daily lives of students and teens? Of course it is. They use it everywhere, except school. This article supports the thought that not using technology to teach risks increasing the gap between learning and life. What do you think?


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