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Keystone Exam Req. Delayed  -  Common Core Resources  -  No Suspensions | Ed Buzz 2016-2-4

Feb 11, 2016

Governor Wolf Signs Bill to Delay the Implementation of the Keystone Exams
Gov. Tom Wolf signs bill that will delay use of the exams until 2019.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a Senate Bill that delays the student requirement of passing Keystone Exams until 2018-19 school year. The top reason, not enough students are passing the exams. Is that a good reason to delay them?

50 Common Core Resources For Teachers

The website, TeachThought.com reposts a very popular article from 2013. Discover 50 (or so - they warn that some links could possible be broken after 3 years) great resources that can help with teaching with the Common Core in mind.

Instead of School Suspensions, Let’s Listen to Kids
Rather than simply kicking kids out of school, everyone is best-served when we identify the root of behavioral problems, writes Julia Steiny.

Having students out of school certainly doesn't help them. Julia Steiny suggests that by listening to students needs and addressing the root of their problems, we can eliminate suspensions. Could that really work? Read and see.

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